The Xploit project aims at disseminating EU project results and other EU resources, as tools to help developing learning communities which make learning possible and accessible to all citizens.

To do that, the Xploit project is working with 5 very different communities with the ambition to support and guide them to become learning cities. Through that work we intend to create models that can be used by other communities wanting to pursue the same goals. To that end, we would also like to put at your disposal our experience and the will to spread it. With that same aim, the Xploit project have already contacted communities and projects in Europe, Israel or Australia to either gain, share or spread knowledge.

If you want to have an idea of what Xploit can do for you, visit the networking section, or read this example of how the Xploit project have started dialogues with the community of Evora in Portugal to guide them finding the resources according to their own needs and interests to make learning reach all their citizens.

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