Community Profile

This is the Community Profile of the community of Iasi, Romania. It also includes the comments of both the coordinator and the Romanian partner.

Learning communities are not on the agenda in Iasi in Romania.
The point of departure is thus very different from the other communities in Xploit. The Xploit aims and objectives in Iasi:

how can communities at different levels take the first steps to become a learning community?

Documentation of most significant changes through Xploit

Here the local community will document the most significant changes occurred since the beginning of the Xploit project. These contributions will help evaluate the impact of the project, and at the same time, will add to the final outcome, the development of different models to be transfered on how to become a learning community.
The documentation will consist of testimonials of stakeholders
(video, audio, photos + statements etc.), story telling, etc.

Local Community contributions

Xploit Romanian web platform.
The Romanian partner has created a draft version of a Romanian web platform meant to share European project results and good practices among all interested individuals and organizations. This draft version is already available at http://xploit.feg.ro

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