Community Profile, Community Platform, Action Phase 1 and 2 reports

This is the Community Profile sent by the Community of Nagykovácsi, you can find a joint version together with the rest of the Community Profiles, edited by the coordinator, in the "Material" section.

When trying to come with a description of the mirroring role in Xploit, the Hungarian partner came up with a clear idea of what is mirrroring for them:

Criticize, valorise, constant reflection on the partners work. Analysing the procedure. Describing meta-levels procedures from concrete examples.

Challenge: Describe not only the procedure, but also the motivation; and not only the community, but also the authorities.

Following the Xploit meeting in Iasi Romania and the report on this meeting,
this monitoring paper aims to collect brief information from the Xploit
communities on their present and future activity plans for Action Phase 2.

Documentation of most significant changes through Xploit

Here the local community will document the most significant changes occurred since the beginning of the Xploit project. These contributions will help evaluate the impact of the project, and at the same time, will add to the final outcome, the development of different models to be transfered on how to become a learning community.
The documentation will consist of testimonials of stakeholders
(video, audio, photos + statements etc.), story telling, etc.

Local Community contributions

The coordinator of the Xploit project took part in dialogues in the community of Nagykovácsi (close to Budapest) with the City Mayor and with the community's primary school.
The community of Nagykovácsi has moved from having a mirroring role in Xploit to being a more of less extra full community partner with a considerable interest in Xploit and in learning communites.
The dialogues revealed that the community can be expected to be involved in an increasing number of European activities in the future, both linked to Xploit and to new European initiatives.
The interest of the community is highly welcomed and appreciated.


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