Community Profile, Community Platform, Action Phase 1 and 2 reports

This is the Community Profile sent by the Community of Salt, you can find a joint version together with the rest of the Community Profiles, edited by the coordinator, in the "Material" section.

This is the Community Platform sent by the Community of Salt. It includes the Community potentials for taking further steps within and beyhond the Xploit project.

The community is facing many challenges in the future in relation to integration, learning and empowerment.
Salt therefore represents in Xploit a small community with all kinds of lifelong learning challenges, with few resources, with open interests among many stakeholders, including the Mayor of Salt (and other public authorities in Catalonia), but also with serious and urgent economic and social problems.
Salt is therefore the community in Xploit that most urgently needs to implement the Xploit initiatives and to directly benefit from the project resources.

One of the strongest resources in Salt is the great network opportunities that will be explored in the first phases of the project.

Read about the work carried out in Salt, Spain during the Action Phase1.

Following the Xploit meeting in Iasi Romania and the report on this meeting,
this monitoring paper aims to collect brief information from the Xploit
communities on their present and future activity plans for Action Phase 2.

Documentation of most significant changes through Xploit

Here the local community will document the most significant changes occurred since the beginning of the Xploit project. These contributions will help evaluate the impact of the project, and at the same time, will add to the final outcome, the development of different models to be transfered on how to become a learning community.
The documentation will consist of testimonials of stakeholders
(video, audio, photos + statements etc.), story telling, etc.

Local Community contributions

The EU LABlearning, a project developed through Xploit, in the Catalan Autonomic Television Station. From minute 04:34.
alt Maria Carmé talks about being a language volunteer in Salt, Girona ..
alt Muhamadou Batchilly and Sergio Pereira Carmona speak about Ecological Agriculture Module, Salt 2011..


The Municipality of Salt and Baobab were invited as speakers to explain their involvement in European projects in the Community of Salt. The learning workshop  took place within the session: Innovative cities in the European Union framework. The document is completed with some pictures and agenda of the workshop.:

Read about the Action Phase 1 in Catalonia:

Casa dels Oficis de Salt. Community resource. A funded training program addressing young people from 16 to 24 years old. The program lasts for a year and includes 6 months labour contract. The link will take you to the students' self produced blog.

Xploit in Salt, is an Awareness Hand-out about the impact of the Xploit project in the community.
The English version
The Catalan version

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