Community Profile, Community Platform, Action Phase 1 and 2 reports

This is the Community Profile sent by the Community of Swansea, you can find a joint version together with the rest of the Community Profiles, edited by the coordinator, in the "Material" section.

This is the Community Platform sent by the Community of Swansea. It includes the Community potentials for taking further steps within and beyhond the Xploit project. The Swansea community is by far the most experienced of the 4 Xploit communities, as it has addressed learning and empowerment for disadvantaged citizens for many years. The Swansea project partners will link the Xploit project to the Swansea Learning Partnership platform. It is expected that the Xploit project will benefit strongly from the many earlier and ongoing learning initiatives and cooperation initiatives in Swansea and in Wales in general.

The overall aims of the Xploit project in Swansea might be: to interact with the Swansea Learning Partnership and establish a mutual benefit learning.

Following the Xploit meeting in Iasi Romania and the report on this meeting,
this monitoring paper aims to collect brief information from the Xploit
communities on their present and future activity plans for Action Phase 2.

The following document gives a very graphical idea of the activities carried out in Swansea during Action Phase 1:

Documentation of most significant changes through Xploit

Here the local community will document the most significant changes occurred since the beginning of the Xploit project. These contributions will help evaluate the impact of the project, and at the same time, will add to the final outcome, the development of different models to be transfered on how to become a learning community.
The documentation will consist of testimonials of stakeholders
(video, audio, photos + statements etc.), story telling, etc.

Local Community contributions

- Swansea Learning Partnership
- Learning Country
- E-bulletin Regional Learning Partnership
- The story of a learning community: "The women in the valleys". A Most interesting chronology of a building community after the miners' strikes in Wales in the 80's...

-... and how they used and exploited the European resources available:





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