The Xploit project has a double task as to networking: the in-project networking to support the implementation of the project, and the strategic networking building up a strong European group of projects to submit a network application early 2012 or 2013.
It was foreseen that the networking tasks should be carried out later in the project, which is quite natural, but many strong networking opportunities have been offered the project already in the initial phases.

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This paper documents the High Level Exploitation activities in 2012.

Local networking
Especially in Spain and Italy new networking opportunities have been developed early in the process and in these countries a lot of awareness about the Xploit project and learning communities will be raised.
In the UK the partners are already involved in strong partnerships, whereas the Romanian partner will now take the first steps to identify possibly interested stakeholders in Iasi.
In general the networking opportunities in the communities are excellent.

European networking
The Xploit project will be disseminated across Europe on many conference and project meeting occasions, and the coordinator already receives quite a lot of spontaneous interest in the project, as the idea of learning communities is becoming more and more interesting to many communities. An example of this kind of networking is the dialogues with the community of Evora, in Portugal, where the project is supporting and guiding the community on how to become a learning city:

Strategic networking
The coordinator was invited to the LeCiM conference in Parma in autumn 2010 to represent the Xploit project, as these projects are both funded under the same action and addresses a number of topics of common interest.

Both the Xploit and the LeCiM projects are interested in a dialogue on the development of a strategic network following the two projects.

In conclusion, the Xploit networking opportunities are at all levels excellent.

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