The learning city of Modi’in from Israel, which is officially appointed Learning City by the Israeli authorities, was invited to participate in the Xploit meetings in Udine and offered great inspiration and dialogue opportunities to the project partners.

The Modi’in partner can offer the Xploit project a most useful mirror as to the meaning and activities of a Learning City throughout the entire project duration.

It should be noted that the Xploit project and the Learning City of Modi’in are strongly supported from the highest levels in the communities. This was not foreseen in the application and it significantly enhances the project’s success odds.

In May 2011, some representatives from the Xploit project, visited a number of communities and organisations in Israel in May 2011 to establish mutual dialogues and to take further cooperation steps between learning communities in Europe and Israel. Please click on the icon if you wish to read more about this visit

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