The Scandinavian Game Developers project will develop and test business models for entertainment games and serius games. Beside, the project will test incubators for young entrepreneurs.
Learn more about this project here

The LABlearning project will develop and test laboratories for creative learning of young people in four different environments. If you are interested in trying out new didactics, letting your students┬┤ creativity free in the class room, letting them explore new ways of communicating their knowledge, take a look at this most interesting project.


alt How does the youth react to difficult economic times in Spain, and how do their visions, opinions and projects prove the importance of issues like mobility, sector change management, healthy lifestyles etc...
Denise Louis discovered a taste for learning, when coming to D.O.V.E. Here she shares her thoughts of how it all came about.
Judith James tells MaryAnn of her personal learning path, all starting and happening in her valley, and reflects upon the many obstacles, stepping stones and building blocks one naturally must face during the formation of any learning society..

Other sources of Inspiration

We suggest to also take a look at the networking section for more interesting and inspiring material.

  • Computer Clubhouse Network

  • A very interesting website from our partners in Wales. Community University of the Valleys Partnership. Try to find two most interesting and recommended documents: "Engaging Communities with Learning" and "Negotiating the Curriculum".
  • Learning cities inspiration
  • An excellent report has been produced on the potentials of ICT and media to re-engage young learners, and the Xploit coordinator have edited a short version, highlighting the most important statements:

    Find the full version on here.
  • A very inspiring document has been produced by the Xploit coordinator about the need for young people, and not so young, to acquire a new "Global Entrepreneurship Competence".





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