The Xploit Guides will attend the first training session in the Xploit project on the 4th and 5th of May 2011 in Salt, Spain.
During the training, participants will establish material about useful European Learning Resources that will be uploaded in the Material section.

XQ Training

During the days in Salt, in was agreed to offer to the different authorities and municipalities, a training opportunity, XQ, to be able to work more efficiently in the Xploit project, but also in their will to xploit EU resources.

Associated Projects

The following projects are identified by the Xploit Application team as for their useful and accessible results. Some of the projects have no websites anymore, but the Xploit partners have full access to the material produced.

  • Parenting in a multicultural European City.
    The project uses Parenting as a theme for intercultural dialogue and empowers disadvantaged parents to benefit from social and learning resources in the community and suggest improvements.
    Results to exploit: Multicultural Parents Groups, New Parents' City Guides, EU Symposia, Dialogue on Parenting with policy-makers.
  • euroCALL.
    This project, based on the Nordic empowerment learning concepts, aims to develop new community centers for non-formal adult learning, based on innovative pedagogical approaches and a strong European awareness.
    Results to exploit: The euroCALL Model offering guidance and inspiration on non-formal adult education.
  • FAIRstart
    The project aims to develop a training model for staff working with children placed outside the family to provide basic care for the children.
    The project helps understanding basic conditions for learning. Relevant to all kinds of early learning.
    Results to exploit: Training model and material, Early learning ability.
  • mediaPLAYINGcommunities
    The project aims to establish experiments of community coherence and interaction, focusing on pre-school pedagogical environments and promoting educational use of the ICT involving pedagogical staff, children, parents, local companies.
    Results to exploit: Handbook, guides, pedagogical methodology, community approach.
  • PIP - Peer Implementation Project
    PIP contributed to designing the profile of a peer educator and developed a training program for peer educators that will enable them to support marginalized people from disadvantaged groups to gain access to education, training and employment.
    Results to exploit: PIP Training package and a tool box of resources to be used in mentoring.
  • Learning Lab for Integration.
    LAB contributes to the integration of people with different disabilities into society, education and labor market by developing an operational approach to support its aim and by creating a new methodology, On-line Methodology Lab, destined to facilitate inclusion.
    Results to exploit: LAB Data base and the Training package.
    MUTUAL challenges migrants' "deficits" and promote the creative use of the migrants' own background and resources to foster intercultural dialogue between staff, children and families. The 3 year project offers strong inclusive community approaches.
    Results to exploit: Handbook, MUTUAL web resources, community approach.
  • SAGE
    SAGE offers training and inclusion solutions for people wishing to work as participation facilitators of citizens aged 50+, aiming to increase knowledge and understanding of the needs of the 50+ population and to empower people in their mid and later life.
    Results to exploit: SAGE Handbook and Compendium, SAGE training Pilots.

Online relevant resources:

  • A first online resource useful to xploit is Eve. Eve is the single information point on European education, training, culture and youth projects. It showcases thousand of projects and their results, from the Culture, Youth and Lifelong Learning Programmes (Erasmus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Comenius, Grundtvig, …).
    Through Eve you can access a wide range of learning materials, handbooks, websites, policy papers, photos … and much more!

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